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Pacifica Care has some of Jacksonville’s most Experienced:

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Professional Psychiatrist in Jacksonville,FL

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Adult Psychiatric Screening

Medication Management


Experienced Psychiatrists

Licensed Mental Health Counselors

Located in Jacksonville FL, Pacifica Care offers Psychiatry Services, Professional Counselors, Medication Management as well as Group and Individual Therapy Counseling Sessions. Our trained medical and therapy staff provide medical screening, and counseling.

Our intent is to provide services that help each individual achieve their optimal mental health and peace of mind.  Our goal is to help our patients effectively deal with life's challenges and move forward.

Whether it is "just a phase", or a longer term pattern of behavior which is adversely affecting you, family relationships, weight loss, professional and/or educational success, or the development of appropriate social skills, it is always helpful to seek a professional opinion.

Pacifica Care can Treat most behavioral health diagnoses and many other situational, and cognitive conditions.The kind and caring staff at Pacifica Care  provides a safe, stress free and relaxed environment. We have some of the most experienced psychiatrist in Jacksonville.

At Pacifica Care, we provide multi-disciplinary clinical staff that offer personalized care. We have some of the most experienced psychiatrists and Mental health Counselors in Jacksonville,FL. Each of our professionals possess over 10 years of experience in the field. Meet the Pacifica Care providers:

Jacksonville Psychiatrists

Jacksonville Licensed Mental Health Counselors

We provide a whole body and mind approach to our services which include:

Psychiatric Medication Management, Psychiatric Evaluation and Management.

Counseling Services for individuals, family, marriage, or Personal Life Coaching.

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