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The prevalence of depression and other mental health disorders is causing much distress to people. Depression affects people of all ages, even those who don’t have family history of this mental illness. It can strike anyone when triggered, and can affect a person’s life in so many ways. Many studies have been done by various health institutions; many of which resulted in an alarming depression statistics.

In the United States alone, around 10% of the country’s total population of age 18 years and older develop depressive symptoms. In this country, depression often exists with anxiety and panic disorders, and more with substance abuse.

In summary

While these depression statistics can be alarming, you should also take hope from the fact that many courses of treaments - both drugs and therapy - have shown significant results for many depression sufferers. There are new drugs coming on to the market on a regular basis and many of these have been clinically shown to help a wide cross section of individuals. Your health care provider is by far the best person to speak to - and we encourage you to do so.


Depression in People with Pre-existing Health Problems

People with health problems such as Parkinson’s disease, eating disorders, cancer, and heart diseases have depression tendencies. It is also common among those with substance abuse disorders.

Meanwhile, people suffering from depression have higher possibilities of developing heart attacks. Severe depression also increases the possibility of a person dying within months after suffering from the heart attack.

Despite the many treatment programs and medications that have been introduced, depression statistics have not improved. In fact, the figures people may know are just reflections of the rate of depression that affects a certain population. There’s really no way to tell the exact number of depression sufferers, unless, of course, an in-depth study is done in every area of every country. It is estimated that come 2020, depression will be the most common health problem in the world.

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